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Product Description

Bob Tract produces 60 a day on a low tide but can do 120 when orders are many. They are asking the FG to challenge them with 1000. Their tractors are rated the best in the world because it won in the US. This is because it was designed to take care of climatic conditions and harsh weather in Africa such as salty soil, stumps, virgin lands with obstacles, etc.

You are a modern farmer with some hectares of land good for maize, cucumber, ginger, tomato, pepper, lettuce, or so. in PH Bob Track is here , we can invite you to show around for modern tractors that do wonders.

Key Features



Yellow Colour

Strong machine

Easy to use


What’s in the box

User manual and other accessories



Registration number (RC)            RC-1624676

Equipment Line: Bob’s Tractor  Ltd

Country: Nigeria


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    Good product

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